RumourMill: Palm prē to be on Vodafone in the UK


In what appears to be another leak, Vodafone could be getting the latest handset from Palm with their very latest OS later on this year. Trumping all the other networks vying for the ultimate iPhone killer to be with them, bar O2 of course.

The website MobileTopSoft ran a piece indicating news from ‘Vodafone officials’ the prÄ“ is set to be with them, this is much welcomed news and just adds to their catalogue of media rich phones such as the BlackBerry Storm.

To some, this could even be seen as competition to the Storm, or at the very least a possible competitor to BlackBerry and RIM as a whole. As the phone sits on the fence between a business handset and a personal one. Although it lacks in our humble opinion out of the box business tools with the likes of Office Suite access and corporate email support to a high level.

Reading between the lines of the copy, as not every site can afford to spell out exactly who the source is and how accurate the news is, it does appear they most certainly know Vodafone will be carrying the mobile.

The piece also goes on to state this could be a case of one up man ship for the network, with O2 exclusively getting the iPhone and the fortunes of Vodafone could be definitely endorsed by this new deal.

MobileTopSoft added the negotiations are in the early stages still, and they doubt anyone will hear any official news of this sort until the ink is nearly dry. This just goes someway to stamp even more credibility on the fact they have received this leak from an internal source.

With the carrier Sprint in the US of A being a full partner in the launch of the prÄ“, we’re assuming a UK network will have the same level of involvement too. Who knows, all this could be made public at Mobile World Congress next month *cough*

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