Samsung Android handset through T-Mobile & Spring

Samsung will be — pardon my crassness — shitting all over the marketplace (in a positive manner) when it arrives with it’s very own Android device.

NewsOXY reckons they’ll be launching with T-Mobile and Sprint initially and that we’ll have a Samsung Android device this year.

Now, the problem with Samsung is definitely not the hardware. They make brilliant televisions and really smart handsets.

No. The problem with Samsung is the rubbish yet pretty operating sytems. Very good at being telephonic, very good at address books and ringtones — but not really that stimulating when it comes to the internet or ‘apps’ or any of that jazz.

So imagine the carnage when you’ve got Nokia trying their BEST to convince you to take a look at their N97, right?

You’ve got that in one hand, yeah?

And in your other hand you have Samsung’s top of the bleedin’ range 10 megapixel xenon flash handset sporting 25gb-onboard SSD hard disk full motion HD video running Android.

Both priced at 700 quid. Or free with an 18-month deal of joy.

Which one are you having?

Step into my office, Mr Samsung.

This is set to be a very interesting year.

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