Seidio’s extended battery for the G1

Thanks to Mobile Industry Review reader, Vlad, who shared me a Google Reader item he picked up about a new battery for the T-Mobile G1.

Sorely needed. The device is continually online (if you’ve got it switched to constant-sync for email and the like) which does screw your battery quickly.

Uberphones report that Seidio has knocked out a 1400mAh battery that’s the same size as the existing device battery. At 400mAh more than the current one, that’ll give you a bit more juice. 15% more to be precise.

It’s on the Seidio site priced $42.95. Possibly worth it if you use your G1 as a primary device.

Me? I actually switch mine off when I’m not using it to preserve the battery. Crazy, I know…

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