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Mobile Industry Review reader David Carrington lucked out when he won the Vodafone Netbook in the MIR Christmas Presents draw last month — thanks to your support we raised £2,059.96 for our two charities. Vodafone’s Find Live Guy campaign donated the netbook — thank you Vodafone (more details here).

Well, today’s ShoZu Photo Of The Day is an excellent demonstration of the expression of a bit of joy and excitement using one’s mobile. That’s, incidentally what ShoZu’s current messaging is based on (“saving the world from lost moments”).

No lost moments in this case though. Here’s David’s brand new Vodafone Dell Mini Inspiron — cunningly pictured showing the all new MIR page. Nice one David:

David’s cat, Cocoamoo, is equally impressed:

Finally, David points out that the Mini Inspiron is rather smaller than is 17″ Dell:

Heh. Have fun with it, David!

By Ewan

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