ShoZu Photo Of The Day – E51’s North Downs

Jonathan Jensen is our billing uber-expert and regular contributor here at Mobile Industry Review. Do can read his back catalogue here.

Today’s ShoZu Photo Of The Day is from Jonathan. And his Nokia E51. When I read that in the email I thought, ‘uh oh — a picture from an E51..’

And whilst Jonathan says that the quality ‘isn’t fantastic’, I beg to differ. It does the job! And the device is a brilliantly conceived small S60 handset.

This is the view from Jonathan’s Home Office:

That’s the North Downs (a ridge of chalk hills in south east England that stretch for 120 miles (190 km) from Farnham in Surrey to the White Cliffs of Dover in Kent – thanks Wikipedia).

And that, Mr Jensen, is a brilliant piece of scenery to look at whilst you’re working.

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