ShoZu Photo Of The Day: FLAKE!

Two flakes, to be exact.

‘If you’re a fan of sundaes,’ Fai writes, ‘Check this out’.

I am a fan. Anything with vanilla in it tends to get my attention. So, then, let’s begin with another ShoZu Photo Of The Day!

Mobile Industry Review reader Fai Yip (who describes himself as more of a lurker than a commenter — Fai, there’s about 249,000 other lurkers man, don’t worry) has recently installed ShoZu on his piece of joy, the Sony Ericsson C905.

Whilst I have the odd issue with Sony Ericsson’s lack of expandability and customisation in terms of adding applications and services to their current range of handsets, I am most certainly a huge huge fan of the C905 — the [sort of] son of the K800i, one of the best cameraphones on the market.

The C905 sports a beautiful camera.

And Fai has taken a rather mouthwatering picture which he uploaded to his Facebook profile directly. Good man.

TWO flakes, Fai? Nice.

Fai also has a comment about mobile data:

My take on uploading pictures through your mobile plan? No one in their right mind is going to send data without a suitable dataplan, unless you fancy a nice unexpected end-of-month surprise. The best Orange (which I am on) can do is the Evening-weekend £5/month add on – still not as good as the T-Mobile / three plans though.

Agreed Fai. It’s been a long time since Orange customers have been able to stand up proudly and be counted. Got a post about that coming in a minute. At least you’ve got some sort of unlimited data to use with your C905, eh?

By Ewan

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5 replies on “ShoZu Photo Of The Day: FLAKE!”

Good point Mark. For the avoidance of doubt, if you're looking for unlimited data on Orange — they DO offer a 500mb option. Shop around. I have got it enables on my Dolphin 35 plan.

Sorry, there was probably informative text about something or other but.. mmmmm sundae! That looks good!

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