ShoZu Photo Of The Day: Return of the Mac

I’ve been after promobs — that is, smart and sophisticated mobile geniuses (the opposite of normobs) — to send me their FIRST ever ShoZu-uploaded picture.

It often makes for interesting viewing.

Mac Morrison — aka mostlythis — responded and sent me a link to his first ever ShoZu upload to Flickr:

Mac does point out that, er, yeah, this isn’t an entirely entertaining picture. But back in August 20, 2006, when he actually posted it, uploading pictures from your handset easily was nigh-on rocket science. Being able to easily upload ANYTHING was a total joy. So I certainly understand exactly what Mac was thinking snapping a pic of the ShoZu website. Back then you just didn’t know if anything was going to work.

Mac also comments:

Oddly there is no meta data on the phone type. but I suspect it was an Nokia N70.

An N70? Vodafone perhaps?

I remember those N70s. Revolutionary in their day.

Thanks for sending this one in, Mac.

If you can find your first-ever ShoZu upload (or a particularly memorable one, whack it in and we’ll feature it here). Mail it to

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