ShoZu Photo Of The Day: Sun!

Good morning from Malaga. I’ve hijacked the ShoZu Photo Of The Day feature to bring you some much needed sun!

I took this photo just a few moments ago on the iPhone and uploaded via ShoZu. It’s the view of the Mediterranean from the Melia Hotel. Even today at the end of January, there’s a good bit of sun about. I doubt the temperature is sizzling outside (maybe 14 degrees celcius) but is it really nice to actually get a bit of brightness into the soul. Locked away in London at the moment, it’s thoroughly and super-literally dull.

Posting from the iPhone also gives me the opportunity to tell you just how technically incompetent I am. I like to think of myself as a shit-hot jack-of-all-mobile-trades genius. But now and again something happens to remind me that this isn’t entirely the case all the time. Example: I’m staring at my sodding iPhone 3G wondering why it’s roaming on ‘Moviestar’ (“Movistar”) and NOT doing any data at all. I’m actually having the same trouble with my Blackberry. Whilst I give the iPhone a mental kick, I quickly remember that there’s a data-roaming option in the Settings menu. Duh. I switch that on.

Whilst I’m there I realise that I’ve had my iPhone on ‘2G mode’ for months. I switched it over to 3G and wayhay. Not only are we roaming, we’re knocking around on 3G speeds. My ShoZu photos are zipping up to the internet nicely.

And the battery is draining before my eyes.

Goooood morning!

– Taken at 8:24 AM on January 28, 2009 – iPhone upload by ShoZu –> sent via Flickr’s To Blog service directly to Mobile Industry Review

By Ewan

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