ShoZu Photo Of The Day: Wanko!

Today’s ShoZu Photo Of The Day is from Mobile Industry Review reader, Phil Parry.

Phil was in Beijing, China, last week.

He used ShoZu’s GPS-tagging feature to tag the photo to his Flickr Map. Looking closer, it seems he was near the Forbidden City when he took the photo.

Any westerner familiar with the phrase more-or-less featured in the photo will understand immediately why Phil had to snap the photo and send it into us. It reminds me of those emails you get telling you about huge branding errors made in translation by multinational car manufacturers.

Here’s Phil’s photo:

Nice one Phil.

Alas you didn’t say what handset you used to snap it. N95? Some kind of Nokia?

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If you’d like to feature in the ShoZu Photo Of The Day section, just send me a link to an interesting or memorable photo that you uploaded to the internet with ShoZU (or perhaps even your first ShoZu upload). I’m on

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