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Today’s ShoZu Picture Of The Day is another one I took whilst in Val d’Isere. Or, more accurately, on the way back.

I didn’t quite understand Eurostar’s timetable and, as a result, I embarked via Ashford International (leaving the car in their car park) and, most annoyingly, found that the return train only stops at Ebsfleet International or Kings Cross. Neither were that convenient for picking up the car again. Arse.

So I got off at Ebsfleet and took a £90 taxi (JOY!) back to Ashford International’s car park. Total arse.

But! There’s a plus. I was able to follow my entire journey from the back of the car with Google Maps on my Nokia N95 8GB, with GPS active. It was almost as good as having a TomTom sat in front of me:


Got a few minutes? Send me your ShoZu Of The Day and I’ll get it up —

By Ewan

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