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Ah hah, today we’ve got a video and not a photo. Mobile Industry Review reader, Jared, took pity on us on Monday morning and sent us in this video via ShoZu. You know we got a paltry inch of snow here in the UK that day? And I took a video of a poor chap in a van outside my place trying desperately to get up the road?

An inch of snow really does cripple the UK. I kid ye not. Schools were closed. Honestly. Ridiculous I know.

Which brings me to Jared’s video. Despite TWO FEET of snow falling near Springfield, Western Massachusetts, traffic was, in Jared’s words, ‘bumbling along at a good 40mph’.

They’re hardy folk in Western Massachusetts. Jared shot the video in the middle of the day and was on his way back home. Another few more feet of snow due later that day.

Thankfully he had his handset on him — he doesn’t specify the make or model but I predict it was one of the top of the range Nokias. An N95 or the like.

So if you think the driver I captured in my video on Monday was having a bad day, spare a thought for the chap who’s lorry jackknifed in 2ft of snow…

By Ewan

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3 replies on “ShoZu Video Of The Day”

hah! nice – i got published! 🙂
and good call Ewan: that was an N95-1 i recorded with.

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