Skydeck heading to Europe. Soon. Ish.

I wouldn’t hold your breath though.

Skydeck, the fantabulous ‘your mobile IS your social network’ service that integrates with your mobile operator to get hold of a copy of your calling records, is coming to Europe. Forget the fact that you might find British Gas as your number one rated friend (after the amount of times you’ve had to call them).


Skydeck is smart, very smart indeed. But it’s been one of those services that we, here in Europe, smile quietly about. We know that it will take flippin’ years for any flippin’ mobile operator in Europe — well, in the United Kingdom at least — to ‘get’ Skydeck. Or to offer connectivity for anything less than a billion quid a month license fee.

I’ve heard European rumblings for a while — and this morning, Russ MacDonald tweeted me with news via Marcus Malek who mentioned the news. I’m not sure on his source though.

I think I’ll stick to my ‘Skydeck at some point in the next eon’ viewpoint. I could certainly see some of the European operators being open to the concept of helping deploy it.

But can you imagine a UK operator helping out?

By Ewan

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