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T-Mobile UK’s pioneering multimedia campaign

T-Mobile is about to kick off a new ‘pioneering multimedia campaign’ this week, which will be nicer than the ads they’re running papers at the moment trying to give away a Nintendo DS to anyone buying a new mobile.

Filmed and edited in just 36 hours, the premier of the latest TV commercial will take place at 9.10pm on Friday 16th January – on Channel 4 for the eviction night of Celebrity Big Brother.

The 3 minute advert features 350 dancers breaking into dance en-masse at London Liverpool Street station. Hidden cameras were used so that ordinary commuters could be filmed secretly to see their reaction. Some might see similarities to a ‘flash mob’ event at London Paddington a year or two ago, although this was well and truly planned and rehearsed.

We’ve got a link to a teaser ad, and T-Mobile has created a dedicated YouTube channel to promote its “Life is for Sharing” strategy for 2009. Should you miss the airing of the 3 minute ad, shorter ones will be shown for a further two weeks as well as being shown online.

Anything has to be better then the annoying adverts they have now!

Link to video

Source: What Mobile

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