The Power of Media Technology

I’m going to avoid delving into the politics of it, but over the past twelve days there has been a reoccurring story in our headlines; the Israel/Gaza issue. It’s one that has sparked outcry, and one that shouldn’t have happened.

However, I was watching the news the other day, I think it was CNN or Sky or something, and I was half-heartedly listening; and suddenly something occurred to me about what I was seeing. The old usual reports of a foreign reporter standing with bullet-proof jacket, and some Army guys standing around them are slowly withering away…

And why is that?


It was fascinating what it was that I saw, a man had been able to get in touch with a child over in Gaza over the internet, and was having a webcam conversation with them; and through this conversation came a live-feed, and first hand account of what is happening, without the need of invasive, and sometimes misleading (or dare I say biased) news reporters merely saying what they see.

Now this has all come about because of mobile telecommunications, and it’s only ever going to improve with better telecommunications.

What made me smile, and what made me happy is to think with the power of what this industry does, and what some other industries provide, we as a global population may some day have enough power to really create our own media – say a full scale “YouTube Revolution”.

Imagine that! And it all being down to a bit of technology.

Even more amazing than a Media Revolution, would be providing people like those in Gaza with no way to voice what it is that is happening in Gaza, with no means of communicating with the rest of the world what is happening; would be to be able to have an even better communication where civilians caught up in Political affairs such as this, can really communicate to the outside world what it is that needs to be done; and for us to be able to offer hope back to them.

And it’s things like the $100 laptop, working to improve efficiency and output of global communications, and developing new and exciting technology which can achieve this.

What’s more, is that it doesn’t have to end there. On Skype already you’ll see quite a few people trying to find ways to learn new languages via the internet, and others happily teaching in order to learn themselves. Well, why couldn’t that happen more?

“International Online Classrooms” –  I can see it now; the students would be embracing whatever technology they can get their hands on, be it the latest high-speed connectivity handheld phone, or an ultra-powerful Notebook with high-speed wireless internet, and maybe the odd person or two on their desktop… But it could happen, and there is no reason why it shouldn’t!

Maybe I am being am being tad optimistic, but I don’t like starting a new year with pessimism. But I’m also a realist by heart and by nature; I seldom overindulge in beliefs of the impossible, and I don’t believe anything that I have mentioned is impossible; and I’m pretty sure that there are more people out there could find even more better and plausible ideas than mine.

Well, a lot can change in a year, so let’s see what happens!


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