The @response function is the shittest Twitter feature

Stop it.

Stop it, stop it, stop it.

STOP using @reply unless it’s in a fully formed sentence.

Stop sending me utter, utter bollocks.

Twitter is not for conversations. That’s what INSTANT MESSENGER is for.

It’s NOT for you to publicly reply to every bollocks chatty message your fingers feel like typing.

I don’t CARE what you’re saying to someone else unless I SPECIFICALLY know them.

And the onus shouldn’t be on me to have to go and find the sodding context.

Messages such as:

@jimmy heh!

@robby yeah me too!!

@jill I think so. But then he said no. So nerr!

Stop having public discussions on Twitter. Absolutely grade-A useless.

I’ve already removed 100 people from my followers last night because of it.

And now I’m faced with removing most of the 89 people I’m currently following on @ew4n because, as much as I really, really REALLY enjoy most of the input, I can’t take the irrelevance.

It’s my problem though, isn’t it?

Everyone’s polluting away without regard for ME.

I’m not the only one who thinks this. Most people just stay silent thinking they’re ‘misunderstanding how to use Twitter’. You’re not, don’t worry. You’re just being spammed by inconsiderate folk not thinking.

It’s gotta be the worst kind of pollution.

Any message that begins @jimmy indicates a near virtual guarantee of bollocks following in the rest of the message.

And I don’t think I can turn off these things. It’d be good if I could.

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