Turn a BlackBerry Storm into a spirit level


In what can only be described as one of the most bizarre uses of a mobile phone, we bring you news of an application for the BlackBerry Storm that turns it into a building tool.

Seen over at and available through their own app store here, the Storm Level Pro is a funky little tool that uses the Accelerometer to its fullest.

It effectively uses those sensors at its most sensitive level, turning each and every twist and turn into mimicking those duties of an actual spirit level and displaying all onscreen. What a damn fine idea, if we do say so ourselves. Hurrah!

Besides being just a spirit level, there’s also an on screen ruler for measurement purposes in both inches and centimetres. And why not, we say? Seeing as the real tool is accompanied by such a feature, why shouldn’t the virtual one.

The Storm Level Pro, also adjusts automatically between portrait and landscape modes and works well within those two settings. Whilst also functioning on both the horizontal and vertical plains seamlessly; how darn amazing is that.

Judging by the comments posted on the site, it also looks and performs in much the same way as the real version and very well indeed.

It’s currently only around on the BlackBerry Storm, but it has to be the most amazing use of the accelerometer to date.

If you can think or have seen a better use for the accelerometer, please add a comment below.

See more on the Storm Level Pro here, or for just $4.99 grab it from here

Just to ruin this most fantastic application for a phone with a really bad pun – we think it’s on the level.

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