Vodafone trials 16mbps HSPA+ mobile broadband

Pretty soon you could be surfing the urban jungle via a 16mbps data connection according to the chaps at Vodafone.

During some HSPA+ 64QAM technology trials, the Vodafone chaps in Spain managed to achieve 16mbps. But it gets better. They’re planning to trial 21mbsp this quarter using HSPA+ MIMO.

Vodafone experts estimate that the technology would be capable of delivering a typical video download experience of more than 13Mbps in good conditions and an average of more than 4 Mbps across a full range of typical cell locations including urban environments. If the trials prove a success, Vodafone plans to make this technology available in selected commercial networks.

Just in case you’re wondering about HSPA+ — it’s the next evolutionary step in the 3G HSPA roadmap. As indicated by the plus sign.

Of course, the new technology — particularly this 64QAM and MIMO gubbins will need a whole new set of broadband dongles and devices. Woo huu. Hopefully this should arrive by the time my 24 month data dongle contract has expired.

Bring it on.

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