What do you think about Critical Path?

Have you come across Critical Path in your travels?

I’ve written about them now and again, particularly in the context of their Memova mobile messaging services.

Apart from being dead impressed that they managed to snare the domain,, I’ve been following them since the dotcom days when they were the company you talked to if you really wanted to offer your site visitors mission critical email services.

They’ve since developed their brilliant email services — to work with mobile operators — in a big way — listing the following luminaries as clients: Vodafone, Telecom Italia, O2, Telefónica Móviles, Tiscali, SFR, Indosat, WIND and ONO.

Why the post?

Well a little while ago they dropped me a note and asked if I’d like to pop by and present at their annual sales meeting. I said ‘right on’! I’m looking forward to it.

My question for you. In the presentation I’d like to give them a perspective of what the MIR readers think of them. First impressions or just a sentence. I’m going to publish your opinions on a few slides during the presentation in amongst the what-I-think-is-a-the-future-of-mobile-stuff. So be as brutal or polite as you like.

I know a lot of MIR readers prefer to email rather than contribute a comment publicly so don’t hesitate to knock me a note on

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