Windows Mobile 6.5 leaks

News has come to us via that ROMs for the HTC Touch Pro has already appeared in the wild.

That veritable source of wonderment that’s the XDA developers forum, has the full ROM images, ready to be applied, for the HTC Diamond with a keyboard – as let’s face it, that’s what the handset really is.

This unduly revelation is weeks before we’re all expecting one Steve Ballmer to announce this at Mobile World Congress. After all he’s flying all the way to Barcelona for a reason and we doubt very much it’ll be just for the tapas.

These images for the HTC phone is said to contain IE version 6, with the possibility of Zune-esque services bundled in. Although we didn’t have the mobile to hand ourselves to throw 6.5 on, we’re just having to go with what the forum members and users have already tried out and noted.

Don’t forget, it’s not just the HTC Touch Pro that these will be available for, as the phone was heavily rebranded at the time with the likes of T-Mobile calling it the MDA III.

If anyone out there has the testicular fortitude to try this out, please let us know how it all fairs.

As it would be interesting to get a heads up on the new OS, especially for questions to put to MS in Barcelona next month.

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