BlackBerry sell 50 million handsets

In news we almost missed this week, Research In Motion came out with their figures from the last quarter with some other interesting stats that we thought we’d bring you.

An email wandered past our already massively cluttered desk this week with a mammoth of Mobile World Congress invites. This was on the subject of those Blackest of Berry handset people, just rounding up what’s been happening of late. We’re expecting not a great deal of news from them at Mobile World Congress this year, so whatever bones they’re throwing out right now we’re happy to bark over.

Last month, with this month being February of course, those Canadian phone makers shipped their 50th million email device. A milestone that did take 25 years to reach, since they were founded that long long ago and have really only been in the BlackBerry business for the last 10 of those. Can others make so bolder claim to that larger number? We think not, so the belittling and humour shall endeth here.

Other stats they presented that we weren’t aware of and made us utter the words ‘really?’ and ‘cool’ are as follows; there’s around 21million active BlackBerry users in the world right now with RIM’s backend handling around 3 petabytes of data a month. That’s a lot of data, a lot of a lot of data, about 3072 terabytes of information. Quite a vast number, when you think that Google handles around 20 petabytes of data each and every day.

During the last quarter alone RIM shipped close to the princely figure of 6.7 million devices. A nice sum, but we’re wondering if the Storm really did tipped those scales or not as the case may be *cough*

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