BuddyCloud now supports Nokia’s Touch interface

Are you one of the lucky chaps sporting a Nokia 5800? If so, make sure you download a copy of BuddyCloud and give it a test drive — as they now support Nokia’s touch interface.

Here’s a note from BuddyCloud top chap, Simon Tennant:

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Just a quick note from Buddycloud Towers about how we’ve been getting all touchy-feely. Buddycloud now supports Nokia’s Touch interface.

Ross has spent the last two months getting Buddycloud to work really smoothly on Nokia’s Touch interface… and I’m almost tempted to drop the E71 for a Nokia 5800.

In other news we’ve also been beefing up our server capacity to handle more users and ironing out some bugs on the “Location Butler” (this calculates location from CellID and WiFi).

Marco has been working hard on the business side and we’re looking forward to announcing some exciting changes in the near future based off his work.

If you want to upgrade, the latest builds are at


PS: There’s also a new channel “Mobile World Congress” on the client. Anyone attending now has a back-channel to find out where the parties are at, who’s doing what and all the usual goodness.

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Thanks for that Simon — I’m thoroughly enjoying using BuddyCloud on my N95 8GB!

By Ewan

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