Flirtomatic users send each other REAL underwear and roses!

This Valentines Day, Flirtomatic has taken a step out of the virtual world and into reality.

You know they ran a phenomenally successful campaign a while ago whereby users could user their paid credits to send each other virtual pints — that could then be redeemed in a pub for a real one? Flirto sold something like half a million in a week. Something crazy like that.

Have a read of this from Mark, Flirtomatic’s CEO:

So….because we love you we’re sending you a Valentine’s Gift today Ewan…..

Should arrive this morning.

We’ve been testing the potential for our users to send real gifts (not virtual) to each other from the service. Valentines Day seemed a good opportunity to do so.

Since the weekend we’ve been offering chocolates and single red roses which uniquely turn into a pair of knickers 😉

And we’ve pretty much sold out (all the chocolates and only 10 roses left – we’re trying to buy more). That’s 400 real gifts.

Couple of interesting points:

– obviously 400 is not going to rock the world but the prices are much higher than for virtual gifts (we have to post too) and they ARE selling: we feel we have proved the point that the phone can generate physical e-commerce like this

– recipients have to give us their address for delivery – and almost entirely they have (we clearly promise not to use it or reveal it to the sender)

Mark that’s genius. Absolute genius.

And thank you for the rose.


And the underwear. I have just sent a text to my wife to explain that when she returns and sees a bra and a rose sat on my desk, not to worry.

I can imagine these things being hugely, hugely popular.

No wonder you’ve sold out. Fantastic. What a model.

Here’s the little card I got:


And the back:


The rose itself:


Hidden in the ‘bulb’ of the rose is…


Heh! Fantastic!

Been on Flirtomatic recently? Check it out. This merging of virtual and reality is really growing the Flirtomatic economy.

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