HTC Footprint leaves stamp on other handsets

Those ever so inventive guys over at have just walked out the door a ROM with features to be seen in the upcoming HTC Cruise.

Coming to our attention via a post, is a not-so-legal update to the original HTC Touch with the new Footprints technology hopefully appearing in an O2 Xda handset soon. We say hopefully, as more times than not wonderments of ODM software is stripped away and a standard GUI and OS is just dropped on. Which from our point of view completely negates even writing about such joyous niceties, as they will never be appearing.

We first brought you news of the Footprints application, when we heralded in the HTC Cruise‘s arrival a week or so back. Just to refresh your memory, it’s a feature where an image taken not only uses geotagging functionality but also adds other multimedia material with the likes of an audio file being included. This turns a mundane picture into much more of a rich media experience. Hurrah!

This could very well be the next stage in development of enriching plain old boring photographs, which we hope could be included within the likes of Facebook pictures, ShoZu or even digital picture frames.

We contacted HTC to see if there were any news of Footprint ‘officially’ coming down the line when ROM updates are being dished out. Sadly the High Tech Computer Corporation line is no, they won’t be.

So, enjoy this update whilst it’s here as it looks like it will not feature in any older models. This is unless the company takes heed of their customers and bows to popular demand – stranger things have happened in the past.

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