MIR Show – Matthaus of Mobile Facts [STRONG LANGUAGE]

I bumped into Matthaus Krzykowski from Mobile Facts in the media centre at Mobile World Congress the other day. Matthaus is a regular contributor to the silicon valley genius publication that is VentureBeat. He was running around all over the place getting interviews and quotes for their coverage (read his posts on VentureBeat here). But I managed to stop him for two minutes to find out what he’s up to.

He’s setup a new venture called Mobile Facts and although he was unwilling to tell me too much, the hints and examples that he gave lead me to deduce that it could be a rather smart service offering. I’d expect nothing less of Matthaus. Keep an eye on www.mobile-facts.com.

I filmed a quick interview with Matthaus and asked him all about the conference, about Android, about the industry and so on.

At one point he does use some strong language. Very strong. The F word. But he was using it as a direct quote from a venture capitalist so we’ve left that in the final edit.

Here’s the video:

Opinion from Matthaus from Mobile Facts [Strong Language] from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

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