Palm Pre reactions from the team

Having seen the Palm Pre in the flesh, what did the MIR Show think? Here’s some immediate opinion from Dan Lane, Ben Smith and James Whatley:

Palm Pre reactions from the MIR Show team from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

By Ewan

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18 replies on “Palm Pre reactions from the team”

lots of questions it seems, gah i just want one so freaking badly already. glad Dan was impressed, guy is impossible to get excited. Ben look liked he saw Jesus. James … James always carries 2+ devices, will be curious to see if he has a Pre next time I see him =P

Current rumours are a near simultaneous release (give or take a few weeks) on Sprint in USA, Bell/Telus in Canada, and Vodafone in UK. Official details from Palm have been near-silent, however.

The bad thing about the Palm Pre is that they have decided to partner up with Sprint in the US. Sprint is losing customer at a rate of about 1 million per QUARTER. I cannot imagine anyone not already on Sprint dropping their current carrier to go to Sprint.

Ive had a 650 for awhile and actually love the keyboard. Im big (6'5 ft) and play super mario brothers 3 for nes on the 650 better than nintendo (I play on the toilet, alot). The Pre keyboard looks similar to the 650 and trsut me…its pretty good.

Spot on with your commentary on the Pre, … but end of year / next year for a European release 🙁 I trust your judgement, but pray you're wrong. The industry needs this phone our asap.

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