Charge your handset with an AAA battery

This caught my attention as we walked around Mobile World Congress: The ability to power your handset with a (rechargeable) AAA battery.

This was particularly relevant to me since I’ve spent most of the week running out of Blackberry battery power at about 2pm much to my *intense* annoyance.

Have a look at this development coming to mobile handsets. Here’s the video:

Techtium Demonstrate Their Mobile Power Products from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

The chaps behind it are from Techtium. I can’t wait to get something like this. The flexibility of having TWO power supplies is fantastic. You can rely on your main battery — supplementing when/if you need to with any AAA you can find at any corner shop. Genius when you’re roaming.

By Ewan

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Fantastic innovation, this is an area with mobile devices I have a strong interest also, currently owning several Proporta mobile device chargers, including their Solar charger. Also have another 3400mAh usb charger too, that one from Portable power Supplies.

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