Nokia updates classic phone


That Phinnish Phone Purveyor has just made a good thing better, by announcing the replacement to its 6300 – the 6700 Classic.

Apparently this phone is the ‘much anticipated successor’ to that best selling mobile of 2006, which is marketing talk for ‘much delayed’ or ‘we’re not sure why this took so long, but it’s here now and we have no excuses’.

This handset falls into their mid range, err range. Meaning most can afford it and most should do, too. This again means in non-marketing talk it has some of the feature sets of the higher ranges, seen in its 5 megapixel camera and aGPS, but lacks some of the others.

Although in saying that, it’s been touted by Nokia as having the elements of ‘style and sophistication’ seen in the 8800 Arte series. A phone in which some of the models carry a cost so magnificent that if you have to ask the price, you already can’t afford it.

Nokia’s 6700 Classic arrives with a 2.2-inch screen, with the tap commands of that expensive beast, network access to Quad Band GSM, 3G, and even HSPA and HSUPA, whilst lacking WIFI at the very same time.

From the little we’ve been told on its arrival, it’ll be available around June or July for £220 – sorry, we can’t be any more vaguer than that, but we do try.

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