Om Malik chucks his iPhone and devolves to a Blackberry Curve

Om’s not been having a good time with his iPhone.

Not at ALL.

It’s understandable.

If you’re a proper business user of communications, the iPhone is a rubbish primary device.

Having to forever swipe the touch screen on is a good indicator of how bad it’s going to be. And the email client. It simply doesn’t *work* for anyone who gets more than 5 messages a day.

There’s a whole host of reasons as to why the iPhone isn’t it for professional communications use. It’s an all rounder. A tablet. An internet device.

It’s brilliant for ‘internetting’ as the phrase goes. It’s a super multimedia device, it’s great for applications. I love it.

But it is MOST CERTAINLY not my primary device. Oh no. I carry it as a secondary device. If you talk on your handset for more than 30 minutes a day on average, you shouldn’t even be considering an iPhone. You need a MOBILE TELEPHONE.

My TELEPHONE is a Nokia N95 8GB.

Why? For all I say about Nokia’s lack of innovation, their devices actually work. As telephones.

Om was having signal issue after signal issue. Loss of network coverage, the whole shebang. Part of this he blames on AT&T’s flakey GSM network. Understandable. Part of this he blames on the iPhone.



Move on.

But Om… a Curve?

A Blackberry Curve?

That’s like swapping from a Ferarri to a 20 year old Land Rover.

The Land Rover certainly does the job.

But a Curve? A Blackberry Curve? That’s OLD!

YES it does messaging brilliantly. That’s the key reason for having a Blackberry. But as a telephone? No.

Om, here’s my suggestion:

Get a top of the line Nokia. One of the N-Series. Or a really nice E51. Ultra slim business phone, running S60. Excellent to speak on. Even has an ‘ok’ camera. But you can speak and text like nobody’s business. It won’t drop your calls unless your network does.

And continue to use your iPhone or your iPod Touch as your ‘internet device’.

(NB: I know the Curve Om got was a ‘new one’. New. But old. Old in the context of it being a Blackberry. My kingdom for a Blackberry that’s actually delivers a decent telephone experience. In fact, my kingdom for ANY smartphone that delivers decent telephone experience).

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