Operators offering SIM only data deals

I had an email in from a reader by the name of Mark wondering if I was aware of any vendors that do SIM only data deals.

I was initially about to start rhyming off most of the UK (and quite a few international) networks until I realised that I think almost every deal I could think off was hardware dependent. You have to buy a dongle in most cases that I can think off — even in the context of Pay As You Go.

Does anyone have any suggestions for where Mark might look — principally in the UK?

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One of us is missing something. I've had a T-mobile sim-only for years. Data is capped at £1 per day. It's probably against the T&C to use it with a laptop but who's to know if you're sensible?

Three PAYG – buy SIM only and £5 per month 'unlimited data' add-on or smaller weekly and daily ones… Only arse is need to manually re-add add-on. However, 3 dongles (old ones) so cheap now it might be worth getting a contract one and chucking the hardware.

Three PAYG has the best deal for £5 a month. If you only need it for a few days then T-Mobile is £1 and I think that on a new SIM card they give you data free for the first 10 days

I'm not sure if this exactly fits the spec, however, I have T-Mobile solo sim only deal. It's 600mins, unlimited texts and unlimted internet (1gb) for £20 a month. I'm told by T-mobile that if took out the web 'n walk plus for another £5 a month i could use my phone as modem and I would get 3gb download limit per month.
This then does away with having a seperate data dongle and you can just use your 3g phone via bluetooth/usb.

T Mobiles SIM only contracts offer free Web n Walk on all tariffs above £20.

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