Orange Wednesdays – first Cinema now Pizza Express

If you’re an Orange customer in the UK, you’ll know about Orange Wednesdays.

Orange did a deal with the cinema chains here so that, if you go to the cinema (“movies”) on a Wednesday, you can claim 2-for-1 entry. Half price.


This works quite nicely for the cinema chains because it gives them a good boost during the mid-week lull. And it’s a rather good bonus for many Orange customers. Indeed I’ve met quite a few Orange customers who are *locked in* by the Orange Wednesdays special offers. They’d like an iPhone, for example, but they don’t want to forgo their 2-for-1 ticket offers every Wednesday.

When you look at the various benefits offered by operators — Orange Wednesdays is perhaps the most ubiquitous ‘benefit’ for being with them. Anyone across the UK ca n qualify.

Whereas o2 will offer you priority booking at the o2 — or at a number of smaller venues around the UK — it’s… well I don’t know if it’s as much as a lock-in as 2-for-1 cinema tickets every single week.

Orange has a £7m ad campaign comin’atcha to tell you all about the (enhanced) offerings. The theme they’ve chosen for the ads? The Wizard of Oz. Heh. Nice.

Here’s the Pizza Express news:

Orange has also signed a deal with PizzaExpress to offer Orange Wednesdays customers the chance to get a 2-for-1 deal at PizzaExpress for the next 6 months. All you need to do is simply text ‘film’ to 241 from your Orange mobile to get your cinema tickets, then head to to download your PizzaExpress 2 for 1 meal deal voucher – including a choice of either free garlic bread or dough balls.

Definitely, DEFINITELY go for the free dough balls.

The ad is pretty good — as we’ve come to expect from the creative team at Orange.

Here it is:

Orange’s newest 2-for-1 voucher deal from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

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6 replies on “Orange Wednesdays – first Cinema now Pizza Express”

Now if Orange went the next step further and asked all those faceless pre-pay customers their NAME as a start, then something about what else they liked to do with their time….they'd have a permission based and relevant reason to advertise to their customers with a range of relevant offers – with the user in full control and only receiving things they actually want.

As I've been saying – a conversation starts with a name – try NOT asking the next person you meet their name – it will feel very strange.

Let's make the relationship with the mobile personal AND relevant

Andrew Grill > the mobile advertising blog

Interesting development, but I still can't fathom that step where the user has to text and THEN get a printable voucher – it seems in the face of money saving all thoughts of environmental impact are thrown out the window. You'd think that someone would come up with a paperless voucher system. Oh, wait, AfterWorkDeals already has!

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