Palm Pre: 8GB on board; 3mp camera

The specs are officially up for the Palm Pre. Sprint went live with the details today according to MobileCrunch.

I popped over to the site and had a look.

I’m a customer, dontcha know? 😉

Not a very good one, because I’m sat in the UK at the moment — but Sprint, controversially, is my network of choice whilst I’m in San Francisco. Despite the utterly shite reputation that the company seems to enjoy from the locals, I actually found the service pretty good.

Although I don’t generally like CDMA.


Frontpage of… here’s what it says:


Click in and you get this:


I bet Alfie from Moblog is wetting himself by now. He’s been sending love notes to the Palm Pre on his twitter for weeks.

You can read the tech specs online — there’s a little ‘tech specs’ link.

And of course it’s all flash. So I can’t link you direct. Tsch. Marketing people, eh?

The key specs for me were the on-device memory and the camera. Both OK.

I’m not blown away.

But I’ll be really interested to see just how the webOS actually functions in the hand.

The rest of the specs look pretty nifty. Nice screen, Microsoft Direct Push/Sync. It DOES do MMS. 3 megapixel camera has an LED flash. 3.5mm headphone jack. Good man!

MPEG-4 H.263 video; MP3 and whatnot. WiFi b/g.



Let’s see how they perform.

The direct Sprint link is here.

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