RingRing Media does $4m in 8 months

It’s a good day for RingRing Media. The new mobile advertising start-up is flying with over $4m of ad revenues booked in just 8 months. What a result for the chaps!

During the last 8 months, RingRing Media has. delivered average campaign click through rates of 5. percent, with conversion rates ranging from 25 -75 percent.

I think RingRing are on to a winner. If you’re looking to spend some money on mobile advertising, who do you use? AdMob? Google? Go direct? Not necessarily. Tell RingRing what you’re looking for and they’ll select the sites and ad networks on your behalf. And constantly monitor the success of your campaigns.

Ben Tatton-Brown, Co-founder and Managing Director, RingRing Media, said: “We’ve not tried to re-invent the wheel but have simply brought a traditional agency approach to mobile advertising, where strong account management and tight campaign monitoring delivers tangible results.”

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