RumourMill: Expansys springs another leak


Once again, that favourite online leaker, sorry online reseller has done it again by pre-announcing yet another phone by opening up its ordering. This time around it’s Samsung, with their BlackBerry-esque C6625 and way before it’s even been confirmed as an actual phone by the vendor.

It’s as if they’re not even trying anymore or not even caring, either way it’s still amusing that they’re still in business and are still being spoken to by phone manufacturers.

Pre-empting what’s going to be unveiled in Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress is apparently this new phone, looking rather like a BlackBerry of yesteryear. With Research In Motion seeming to be backing away from their bread and butter of decent, proven, established sole email devices and into a more consumer based model seen in their Storm and candy bar phones there’s now room for others to be moving in to that space.

The leak brought to our attention by WMPoweruser, has this tri-band, full QWERTY keyboard based handset with a 2.6-inch screen coming in at £249.99.

At this point in the lead up to MWC, we’ll have written up all the product announcements by this time next week if the amount of leaks coming out thick and fast stay at the same pace. All we’ll have to do then for three days is just eat Tapas and then wait for what’s to be announced at CTIA Wireless 2009, in Las Vegas in April.

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