RumourMill: Leaked images of Samsung’s new 8MP camera phone appears


On Wednesday we brought you exclusive news of a new Samsung phone being launched on Monday. Now images have ever-so-coincidentally appeared on the mobile news site Daily Mobiles of an unannounced phone, which could very well be the Samsung Acme i8910.

The website has some stunning high quality pictures located here, showing off Samsung’s 3rd 8megapixel handset in all its glory and splendour.

If rumours floating around since the press pre-briefing earlier on in the week are to be believed, the phone does seem to be wowing the crowds.

One of the images seen here has a size comparison against the BlackBerry Storm, which from our own measurements on our own phone shows the Samsung screen size as being a whopping 3.5-inch monster. This trumps their previous 8MP incarnations of the i8510 2.8-inch and the 3.2 of the Pixon.

Just to refresh your memory, the i8510 was their slider handset and the Pixon was the slimmest touch screen 8megapixel phone that came out last year. One of the beefs most had with the latter phone was the lack of inbuilt memory, with only a minuscule 200MB onboard when their other large camera phone came along in 8GB and much later a 16GB.

From what we’ve heard, this new phone will almost sit in between those two handsets by offering up a full touch screen mobile and coming along in 8GB and 16GB varieties. Hurrah!

We’ll undoubtedly keep you informed of what’s what, when’s when and how’s how when we know too.

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