Show me some Android, LG!

Just imagine the LG Renoir running Android.

You know, proper email, proper instant messaging, extensible application layer, shit-shit-shit-HOT 8 megapixel camera, super music capabilities…

I’m hopeful, I really am, that at some point this year — EARLY this year — somebody from LG will formally announce a few handsets running Android.

There’s just something so depressing about holding a Renoir.

It’ll only do exactly what the boys in Korea specifically designed it to do. YES you can have a calendar. YES you can play music (in a specific order). YES you can take pictures with it’s smart image software.

But NO you can’t add a really neat Twitter application designed last week. NO you can’t add ShoZu to send your photos to the web quickly. NO you can’t check the tube times or programme your Sky+ feed to record your favourite shows right from your handset.

It’s so depressing.

But you never know.

Samsung are up for it. That’s what ‘the market’ says. They’re heading Android. At least with a toe-in-the-water handset or two. Motorola might surprise the planet by going heavily Android.

And even Nokia is rumoured to be working on the next generation E90 running Android.

* Ok that last sentence is made-up.

By Ewan

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