ShoZu Photo Of The Day

Today’s ShoZu Photo Of The Day is from me, Ewan.

I confidently asserted over the weekend that ‘this Snow alert rubbish will be over in a day’.

Rare is it for the South East of the UK to be trapped under snow for more than a day.

And surprise, surprise, the snow is melting this morning and, apart from some annoying bits of ice, that’s it. Show’s over folks. On with the rest of our lives.

But I did take this picture whilst driving through Billericay on Sunday evening. You could be forgiven for thinking that the photo was take somewhere in Russia. Or Prague. But no, it was Billericay, Essex.

Thus I also contributed quite significantly to the 45% uplift in traffic that ShoZu saw yesterday.

Snowy Billericay

Snapped with my trusty Nokia N95 8GB.

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