Skyfire 0.9 is really smokin’

Take a look at these screenshots:

These are from the new version of Skyfire — version 0.9. They’ve really been innovating since I last took a look. The brilliance with Skyfire is that it gives you a ‘proper’ desktop browsing experience on your handset.

There’s many a time when you’re out on the road that you JUST NEED to have a proper web connection. Whether it’s because the site you’re trying to view has been built by neanderthals who wouldn’t know a mobile browser if it bit them on the arse — or if you simply need full fidelity flash/video without scrolling all over the place, Skyfire is most probably what you need.

It’s the sort of thing you definitely should try out.

This next version is nigh on completely new for the N and E Series Nokia handsets too. Look out for a much nicer installation and a lighter weight install.

Want to check it out?

By Ewan

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