Twitter filing for IPO

Bet I made you click!

Now Twitter ISN’T filing for IPO. No sir. But … Sit back for a moment and think about that headline. How would you react if that was accurate?

My first viewpoint? Dotcom Boom.

My second viewpoint? Geez, the market’s really moving again.

Have a read of this rather refreshing balls-out viewpoint from Howard Lindzon (via @LeeWilkins):

I am starting this rumor if only for the reason to get some smart people talking about moving fucking forward with our public and private markets already.

Who cares that Twitter is not making money. Now is the perfect time for their IPO. At a time when ‘Too Big to Fail’ is the myth, Twitter is just the right size for an IPO. It’s ‘Too Small to Fail’ as an IPO and public company. It has something more important than profits for the moment, believe it or not….demand and a clean balance sheet.

While we wait for Facebook to do an IPO, one that will NEVER come, it’s time for some Venture Capitalist’s and founders with balls to take some real chances and lead change.

If Twitter continues to add Venture Capital money we will be stuck with an eventual shitty IPO or a sale to a crappy telecom. Welcome back to the 80’s and 90’s. Big woop. A group of Venture Capitalist’s smart enough to lay out capital will make some cash for their institutions. YAWN.

I say go public now.

Read the whole thing. It’s brilliant. I really like Howard’s approach. We need a lot more balls-out lets-make-it-happen American optimism in the marketplace.

We need leadership.

Alas I don’t have $100m to invest in this manner. And if I did, I think my wife would probably have a problem with me blowing it on market-moving joy, rather than exceedingly expensive cusions for the sofas.

Howard continues:

This crisis of confidence will only be fixed by you and me.

Too right.

Too damn right. Confidence is all about… confidence.

He finishes thus:

Twitter is just a little company but it has much on it’s shoulders whether it likes it or not. We need a jolt. I don’t plan on Twitter and the VC’s to take me seriously. In fact, I don’t really care because I have my own plan for this whole new era of public markets and broken private markets.

Stay tuned and send me your resumes if you have a clue about what I am really talking about.

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

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Oh I did, and it was sot on. But that Tweet really was a Coffee-On-Monitor moment.

Next Tweet: Stephen Fry to stand for Mayor Of London.

I think its investing in things that don't make any money that got us into this mess.

I think its investing in things that don't make any money that got us into this mess.

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