We interview Nokia’s Niklas Savander

Yesterday evening we sat down with Nokia’s Niklas Savander to have a chat — not your usual ‘how’s your EBITDA’ style conversation. Instead we asked him what his first and current handsets were. We asked what his favourite movie was. We asked him what was next with Nokia services, what his children thought of Nokia and what third party applications he liked.

In short, it’s an alternative interview. Let’s talk to the man rather than the company. They don’t come much bigger than the likes of Niklas. He runs Nokia’s Services offering (“Executive Vice President, Services” to give him his formal title) and he’s also on the Nokia Executive Board. We thoroughly enjoyed it and we’ll be bringing that to you very shortly.

You can read Niklas’ bio here.

Watch the video here:

Niklas Savander of Nokia: The Alternative Interview from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

By Ewan

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a great bit of work from the MIR team, interesting, good questions, Niklas appeared to be very down to earth and easy to talk too and i really enjoyed watching this piece

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