+49 German inbound SMS numbers launched by TynTec

If you’ve been hunting for a German version of the ubiquitous +44 UK long numbers, consider taking a look at TynTec’s latest offering. They’ve launched the 12-digit phone numbers today — to join their UK and Finnish offerings.

‘Long numbers’ (i.e. numbers that look like normal mobile phone numbers, but usually only receive SMS) are really, really useful when you don’t want the hassle of a shortcode. I’ve been using them for years here in the UK for an array of different services that I dreamt up.

I most recently built a private Twitter-style SMS system for a client using some UK inbound numbers. Love it.

You can find TynTec’s offering here.

(By the way, we’ve got a video of TynTec’s top chap, Michael Kowalzik, that we filmed at Mobile World Congress. It’s coming soon along with all the other footage!)

By Ewan

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