In conversation with Hannah Summers of Acision

Hannah Summers is VP of Global Marketing for messaging behemoth, Acision. If you haven’t come across them before, you most probably use their systems every day of the week without knowing it. Their software powers a huge amount of the text and multimedia messaging services of the world’s biggest operators.

We popped by the Acision stand at Mobile World Congress to find out what was going on and I asked Hannah if she’d mind doing a quick chat on camera. It wasn’t planned — but ever the professional, she consented and then competently batted my questions into touch. Nice one Hannah. Watch as I fire question after question at her and she handles them all brilliantly. What is Acision, how do you pronounce it, what phone, what network, do you text, do take pictures with your handset? Do you send them via MMS?

We’ll also be bringing you a longer video featuring the CTO of Acision — probably next week depending on editorial schedules.

Here’s the vid of Hannah:

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