KeeMobile launches soon

I had a note in from Tim Belfall of Condico Mobile. Here it is….

Hi Ewan

The great thing about MIR is the cross range of subjects, personalities, entertainment and news, so it is a very sad loss that MIR is disappearing for the greater majority of viewers.

Graham Higginson and myself are putting together a MIR like (lite) site for mobile industry types to swap stories, news and comments. Called (that’s kee not key) It should be fully up and running by the end of the week. We’ll be a bit rough around the edges for a while but hopefully we’ll get the formula right in the end with the assistance of expert contributors and commentators.

If there is still time, and if you want to, we would be grateful if you could pop a comment on your site about us.

Thanks to you and the team for the dedication and fun you all put into smstextnews/MIR.

Good luck and cheers.


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