Motorola’s got some Android handsets due Q4 2009

I’m rather pleased to hear that Motorola has got some Android handsets coming — although not, according to the Financial Times, until Q4 this year.

‘Bout time.

The actual quote:

Motorola will use Google’s Android operating system for many of its new handsets although they will not go on sale until the fourth quarter of this year.

‘Many of it’s new handsets’? Good news.

It’s an illuminating and rather direct interview. Check out this quote:

Mr Brown told the Financial Times that Motorola “didn’t see the trends coming in smartphone and 3G with the kind of foresight and customer attention that it should have”.

He goes on to describe Motorola’s failure to anticipate the growing importance of mobile software rather than handset design.

You have to wonder what sort of people were running Motorola during this time. Everybody else saw the trends coming.

Anyway. I think Motorola could do some really good work if they can focus. I await news with interest…

By Ewan

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