Parkmobile’s failure got our publisher, Dan, a £60 fine

Our publisher, Dan Ilett, writes:

– – – – –

I’m clutching a £60 parking fine that really shouldn’t be in my hand.

I know everyone moans about parking tickets, but you really don’t expect to get one when you’ve already paid for your parking.

Last week, I parked in Tooting for a meeting. The ticket machine was broken and wouldn’t take my money but there was a sign on it for ‘Parkmobile‘ – a company that takes parking payment over your mobile phone. You phone them, tell them your car registration and card number, and they sort the rest out. Wow – that’s a nice idea, I naively thought.

The cost – £1.94. Although it took five minutes to process, I was pretty chuffed this was possible. Now I’d registered, I could just send a text when I wanted to park.

I walked away from the car with a little nagging doubt about how the warden would know if I paid, but I told myself to be more trusting and shut up.

So you can imagine how pleased I was to find a parking fine slapped on my windscreen when I returned.

When I got home, I looked up the company,, online. The deal is that you can call them with any queries, but it will cost you 60p a minute to a premium phone line.

Oh joy. Oh yes.

I spoke to someone there who said the matter would be resolved within three days and Wandsworth Council would call to tell me so.

That was one week ago and I’ve heard nothing.

On Parkmobile’s website, it says:

“Parkmobile’s Cashless Parking is the quick and easy way of paying for parking. It’s never been easier, just park, phone and go. From the comfort of your car you make two short calls from your mobile phone, one to start and the other to stop your parking payment.”

I don’t see much about this that’s quick and easy – more like painful and boring. I certainly won’t be using Parkmobile again.

– – – – –

Absolutely ridiculous. Either this stuff should work, 100%, … or not at all. How truly disappointing, Dan. I hope you’re able to sort it out with them, Dan.

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