The 30″ mobile phone screen from Mobintech

It’s not long ’til I hitch a Virgin Atlantic flight direct to Las Vegas for the week long mobilefest that is CTIA Wireless (“Spring”). I’m looking forward to it. The Americans always have a particularly smart viewpoint on ‘mobil’ (as apposed to ‘mobile’).

Even if 99% of the American population is using a piece of rubbish handset — a glorified alarm clock — all you need is a $49 iPhone Nano and the market could change quite dramatically. Of course, that won’t happen for a while.

Meantime, let’s do a little bit of future gazing in the form of Mobintech’s PDG.

Not up with the lingo?

PDF = Personal Display Glasses.

For mobile television. And, one assumes, for mobile screens in general. Can you imagine a mobile version of Tweetdeck running on your iPhone on a 30″ screen in front of you? Nice.

There’s a snap of a girl using a pair.

Here’s another snap:

You can’t, I assume, see through these. You couldn’t walk down the street wearing them. Instead you can look cool on the plane watching the latest Bourne epic at 30″.

I’ll take two please.

That said I’m not sure society is ready for these. At least, the patrons of the 0040 vomit-comet from London Liverpool Street to Southend Victoria would not be impressed at seeing someone operating a pair.

Here are the supplied key bullet points:

Digital solution
Powered and operated by the phone
Low power consumption gives much longer viewing time
Viewing is similar to a 30 inch TV experience from a distance of 2 meters
Plug and Play
Low weight and comfortable to wear
Hands free viewing
Corrective lenses
Scandinavian Design

I’m interested. Very interested.

Mobintech are at

No news on prices yet.

By the way you’ll be able to ready my CTIA coverage — opinion and perspective, I suspect, ‘coverage’ is the wrong word now — over at (We’ll have discontinued MIR by the time I arrive Las Vegas.)

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