What does it take to produce MIR TV when we’re abroad?

Dan Lane runs through every single piece of equipment we took with us to the Mobile World Congress. We’ve had multiple requests from people wondering what sort of technology we use to produce the show — I’m not just talking cameras and microphones, I’m talking surrounding equipment — the sort of device that we couldn’t do without…

Here’s the video:

By Ewan

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34 replies on “What does it take to produce MIR TV when we’re abroad?”

Do you take all that on the plane? Have you had any troubles taking all of this as your carry on? PS: You could open a store with used phones. I might buy some next time you upgrade 🙂

Planes – fine. But try to get Dan through the scanners at BBC Broadcasting House…

<snap> gloves on…

Great video. Are you guys sure you wouldnt like to chuck in thekitchen-sink while your doing your packing?

Fantastic, 2 things.

Please save Dan's “wee jobie” for review of 2009, classic.

I really think you should all go camping as I think there is an inner Ray Mears like survival expert lurking within Mr Lane.

This is a perfect example of why I shouldn't be allowed near the coffee… also, I did manage to knock the stack of DV tapes over after filming 😛

Great insight to the in's, and out's of your package. I spotted a silver B´Mobile device charger there, I have one of those too, great with those status indicator leds. Agree with Duct tape, many many uses.

I want an MIR Sticker.!

One of the BEST. VIDEOS. EVER.

1) Dan, love you on Coffee mate. Let's do that again.
2) Loving Ewan's cameo at 04:30
3) I've sent this around to anyone and everyone who's going to SXSW as a reminder.

Great stuff lads.

At events like MWC it's about media creation, which the iPhone is poor at – slow text entry and low-res camera. The Blackberry and Nokia E-series excel for writing on the go and the N-series are excellent for photos.

In normal usage I'm an iPhone user about 50% of the time.

Horses for courses.

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