Android Storage offering 50GB online storage for $10/year

I came across Android Storage the other day.

The service is in ‘coming soon’ mode and is set to offer:

– 2GB of free music, video and image storage for your Android phone
– A whopping 50GB of mobile media storage and streaming services

All for only $10 per year.

The service looks to consist of four separate applications: –

– AStunesâ„¢ – Play all of your uploaded music with this streaming music app
– AScinemaâ„¢ – Watch your uploaded videos and movies with this streaming video app
– ASpicsâ„¢ – Display all your photo and image collections with this photo app
– ASdiskâ„¢ – Easily deliver files to and from your phone via our mobile storage servers

Although I’m tempted to wait for the likes of ZumoDrive to launch their own Android application, I’m attracted to the Android Storage concept.

There’s an API too for developers who’d like to integrate Android Storage services into their own applications.

If Android Storage can seize the initiative and deliver a collection of super-useful applications, they could well begin counting an increasing number of Android users as customers.

I look forward to trying out the service when it becomes available.

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