“It’s not about the megapixels, dude” – the new MIR T-Shirts are here!

The new MIR 3.0 Shop is now live.

If you’re brave enough, take a look inside. Here are some samples awaiting your delectation…

That’s a shit phone
Because, let’s face it, you’re hardly likely to ever be outgunned in the handset department, right? You always have the top of the range. Now you just need a T-Shirt to remind everyone of that.

– – –

S60 users do it in the background
Your friends aren’t likely to get this one — at all — in fact, you can sit back with a satisfied smile whenever you encounter an iPhone user. There ain’t an app for this. Oh no.

– – –

(RAZR > ROKR) < iPhone
@kgutteridge suggested this formula which, again, will be lost on anything but a properly seasoned mobile geek. Who will smile broadly and nod in agreement after reading. With a barely perceptible nod, you will ensure you are correctly identified as a card carrying (or T-Shirt wearing) mobile genius.

Which leads me to this one…

Mobile Genius
This design is guaranteed to subtly and quietly assert your mobile genius status to all and sundry. Does what it says on the tin.

– – –

It’s not about the megapixels, dude
As any true mobile geek will tell you — whilst, generally speaking, a 12 megapixel piece of joy from Sony Ericsson will probably take better pictures than a 0.3 megapixel $11 LG monstrosity — it’s not actually all about the megaxpixels. Wear this to sort the men from the RAZR sporting boys.

– – –

My other phone’s a Nohkeeyah
Yes you have an iPhone. Or an Android device. You might occasionally carry a Sony Ericsson (for the camera — see above T-Shirt) but if you’re a serious mobile user, your Nokia won’t be too far away from you, right? Whether you’re an E71 man or an N82 (‘it’s all about the Xenon’) chap, I’ve yet to meet a certified trumobilegeek who doesn’t have a top of the line Nokia in his pocket. This T-Shirt reminds the Great Unwashed of this. But it will also cause 100% of them to take multiple glances at your manly chest whilst they try and work out what the hell a Nohkeeyah is.

Unless they’re American and they should get it pretty quickly.

All the T-Shirts retail via Zazzle for a whoppingly good value 13.95 pounds plus 2.98 pounds shipping. Or the equivalent in US, Australian or Canadian dollars.

You can also buy a mousepad and a page of 20 circular MIR stickers to put on every device you own. They conveniently also fit nicely over the Apple logo on your top of the range MacBook Pro.

Coming soon: The infamous Mobile Industry Review embroidered jackets.

This is a money making exercise. MIR gets the default 10% commission from every purchase. It doesn’t appear to be possible to change this in the Zazzle options. Ergo I undertake to distribute the eight quid in gross revenues over the next 12 months toward the next Mobile Industry Review Unlimited Drinks event.

If you fancy buying something, unlock your impulsive side and click-click-click. Zazzle uses PayPal so all you need to do is knock in your address details and boom.

The links you need:

UK Shop
USA Shop
Canadan Shop
Australian Shop

By Ewan

Ewan is Founder and Editor of Mobile Industry Review. He writes about a wide variety of industry issues and is usually active on Twitter most days. You can read more about him or reach him with these details.

18 replies on ““It’s not about the megapixels, dude” – the new MIR T-Shirts are here!”

Great T-shirts! Time to start saving my pennies …

However, the link to the USA Shop results in a page not found error message from the Zazzle site, including a pic of a confused looking fellow with his arms in the air – nice touch.

You need to lose the '.com' from the end of the link. The UK version is the same. In fact they're all the same.

@Ewan: No Android/G1 related tees? <disappointed>

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