Volunteers wanted, must be willing to lock up their old mobile

3 lock up your mobile cage

Are you fed up with your old mobile? Willing to swap it for a shiny new handsets for a few weeks? We’ve three brand new 3 handsets, three cages, and are looking for three volunteers willing to lock up their old mobile and try 3 and Skype for a fortnight.

Here’s the deal. We’ve teamed up with the guys at 3mobilebuzz to promote free Skype calling on 3. The challenge? 3 want to lock up your mobile, and replace it with a model that’s a little more ‘3′ (yes I know, terrible pun).

We’ve got an INQ1, Sony Ericsson C510, and a Nokia E63 – all with a 3 SIM card and free calls for you to try for a couple of weeks. There’s also a cute little ‘phone cell’ (again, another terrible pun) for you to lock up your old handset.

The catch? There isn’t one really – all we ask in return is you take care of the handset, don’t flush it down the toilet, and bring it back in a couple of weeks. Oh, and we want to know how you got on, so we’ll be asking to write a little piece about how you found your two weeks with your new handset, free Skype calling and 3 in general.

Interested? Drop a comment on this post telling us what your current mobile is, and which phone you’d like to try, and we’ll pick three lucky people and sort the rest.

Update: Just a small note to apologise to Lloyd at the Tuttle Club, where I (Alex) was planning to give out the handsets. Lloyd has quite rightly pointed out that commercial organisations wishing to do promotional work at Tuttle need to agree it with him before hand, and pay a sponsorship fee. As I just happened to be there for something else on Friday morning, it sort of made sense. Neither Ewan, myself or anyone associated with this blog have received any renumeration for this promotion from 3, 3mobilebuzz, or their associated companies – and we aren’t being paid for it. However I understand there are firm procedures in place, and apologise if anyone thought I was trying to circumvent them.

If you’re interested in a handset, add your comment and we’ll get in touch to get an address of where we can post it to.

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Will somebody please think of the carbon! 🙂 3,372 lbs apparently – and that's just airport to airport (I didn't factor in the Heathrow Express and tube malarky)

Does anyone else quickly skip past the 'pay an extra 50 quid for your carbon emissions' bit on the British Airways booking form — and think, 'you know what, I'll plant some more trees' myself?

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