Who are the best tier 3 SMS aggregators in Canada?

I’ve had an email in from a long time reader who’s on the hunt for a better aggregator to use in Canada. I’ve not identified him because he’s looking to take his Canadian SMS traffic requirements elsewhere.

Here’s his enquiry:

Two of our customers are in need of a short code in Canada. Our aggregator is killing us with high rates to connect there and messaging fees. All we need is an XML connection. Anyone local in Canada you know of?

There’s a few people I know — I’ll drop a note over to them. But if you’re reading this and you’ve got some good suggestions for Canadian aggregators (preferably tier 2/3 — who’ll work with smaller companies) that we should highlight, drop me a note?

Either reply here or email me.

The reader also asks:

Is your writer in Canada still? You know, the girl that is terribly stuck using Rogers and their incredible price plans?

Why yes indeed, Krystal is the writer you’re referring to. I have yet to enquire as to whether she’s considering upgrading to one of the Rogers Android handsets. We normally try and keep Krystal locked up away from the wider mobile industry news. Reading about all the new toys and ridiculously cheap unlimited data plans in Europe and the United States was proving just too much for the poor girl…

Update: The first suggestion I got via JCDunn on Twitter:

Update 2: Here’s some more recommendations I received by email from reader JK. “Magnet, Atlas, or Vocomo. Sybase 365, Mythum and Impact Mobile will be the more expensive.”

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